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The Long Form:
Because, by directly accessing the automatic responses stored in the subconscious, habit or conditioned behaviors can be changed easily and rather rapidly.

The result is a happier, healthier YOU, with YOU in charge of YOU all of the time.
The Short Form :
You Know the "Drill":
You're an expert about "dieting" or "stop smoking".
You've "done it a thousand times".
Yet - "Nuttin' Honey". Zip. Zilch. Bupkis.
The "drill" is always the same: you sacrifice, suffer, then yield to guilt.
More suffering.
More "Frustrating"
Sound Familiar?
If so, let's cut the chit-chat and get something DONE.
Yo've got all the tools you need. We'll coach you in how to use them.
Uneasy About What You Think You Know About Hypnosis?
Join the club. Lots of people are put off by all the mysticism and stuff they see in movies and on TV.
- - -
Can you think of anything ELSE you saw on TV or at the movies that was overstated and just plainly FALSE?
Check the FAQ page - lots of good stuff there.
Want More Information?
Give us a call at (702) 802-8505. If we're in conference, we will get back as soon as possible.
Thank you for your kind attention
. . . Which is our way of introducing a happier, balanced approach to things in general. We are convinced: The more serious an issue is, the more fun it is to resolve quickly, positively and permanently through Hypnotherapy.
That's a natural fact. We we look forward to helping You prove it one more time!
Therapy of any kind is a very personal thing to do.
As a consequence, we recommend you select a Hypnotherapist whose style and approach is "in tune with" your own.
Our approach is gentle, conversational, and focused not on the "issues", but rather on helping you gain a stable basis from which to deal with things in your own way. We are coaches, not critics.
So for the usual list of "issues", Let's leave it here:
Hypnotherapy works. Period
A little common sense goes a long, long way:
Over time, we have found an amazing and refreshing diversity among our clients. But whether the goal is to improve good behavior or to eliminate an unhealthy one, the "constant" is this:
Successful therapy starts with stabilizing a positive self-image.
Hence - the IReallyLike (dot) Me.
So that is where we start. And it is where we successfully end as well, because kicking a bad habit or improving performance makes you feel just great!
To demonstrate our commitment to you,- as a person - please take a look at our "First Steps Page". There you will find a very powerful tool for use in your daily life.
It is our hope that offering this kind of thought up front will assist you in choosing to set up an appointment .
Let's get started having some relaxed fun accomplishing whatever it is YOU want to do . . .
Be well and prosper.............................. TWB
Every physical thing we do is directed in some way by one part of
our mind or another. And every feeling or perception we have
comes from our senses or soul to one part or another of our mind, where it
is processed into "knowledge" by way of perceptions.

These parts work so well together we are not
often aware of the connection.
But there it is:

These "parts" are the conscious mind, the unconscious and our

The conscious mind evaluates and interacts with elements of our environment.

Our subconscious stores "programs" like the operating system running "in the background" on a computer - - - or an application on a smart phone.

Of course the soul is that part of us which is alive. In there, adult Christians even have the Holy Spirit and a Guardian Angel to work with the Holy Spirit to deal with demons. Non-Christians must deal with them in a different, more difficult way.

In either case, demons and angels are undeniably real, and can impact our lives significantly.
We tend to think of our mind, body and emotions as separate, distinct entities. Actually, the mind, body and emotions are completely interconnected.

Where is your mind?
In your brain.
Where is that?
In your head.
And what is that hooked up on top of?
Point made?

The unconscious mind performs routine control and automatic response functions somewhat like a computer's operating system.

Hypnosis accesses these automatic functions in a pleasant, relaxed way to improve the health and performance of the entire system. If the "automatic" is harmful, it can be redirected to healthy behavior. If it is beneficial (golf swing for example) it can be improved.

Hypnotherapy is neither mystical nor is it complicated. But it is powerful, and you'll need a well-trained "coach" to start. Later, we can teach you how to use the tools in self-hypnosis. Give us a call (650) 416-4057