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Words are important tools we use to form perceptions of, and devise reactions to, our environment.
Sometimes we judge well, other times not so much.
We use non-verbal clues in the same way.
But for now,let's just focus on words.

What do you reckon is the most powerful word in our language?

Most folks would agree it is the word "Love".
Love trumps even hate in the long run
because the positive builds, and the
negative tears at our very being.
We Christians identify God as Love -
God IS Love - like that.

Love builds. Love enables. Love provides life.

- O.K. Smartypants -

What is the second most powerful word in our language?
One could get a pretty lively discussion about that one.

I believe the second most powerful word in our language is the word:

While Love provides the basis,
"yet" leads us forward.

Consider the differences below:

I can't stop smoking.
I haven't stopped smoking - - - yet.

I haven't overcome my weight issues.
I haven't overcome my issues with weight - - - yet.

I can't release from the unpleasantness of my divorce.
I can't release my divorce - - - yet.

I can't stop grieving
I can't stop grieving - yet.

Your subconscious is always listening.
It is literally a powerful full-time learning machine.
It will believe just about anything you say.

If you say you can't, then you can't.
So by adding the word "YET" to any negative thought,
one is led forward to the time you CAN.
Try that with yourself and your kids.

Insist that any self-limiting expression be followed by the word "yet".

You will be happily surprised by the results.