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Las Vegas, Nevada
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The "short form" answer:
• Acting as a Hypnotherapy coach, we Help people help themselves perform better, both physically and emotionally.

The "Long form" answer:
• When you come to us, we will have a discussion about what aspect of your life you want to improve, and what part the subconscious plays in controlling that.
• If that goal is improvement of some physical activity, we'll devise a strategy for accessing the subconscious to help sharpen its control.
• If the goal is to cause some activity to cease (smoking, overeating, insomnia, etc.) we'll figure out how that got started, and devise a comfortable strategy for helping the subconscious to redirect behavior in a more healthy and positive direction.
• The next step is to do what is called an "induction". That just means we'll help you achieve a completely relaxed state in which the conscious mind is asked to stand aside while suggestions are made for the subconscious to start the sharpened functions, or to replace harmful control functions with healthy ones.
• At no point are you unconscious. You will just be in a very pleasant altered state of consciousness. You will recall everything said during the induction, and will maintain complete control of your moral and ethical values. You will be relaxed and open to suggestions. Everything you hear in the induction will be something we agreed upon in advance.
• You may have an altered sense of time during this process. Some clients have a sense that the induction was quite short, while others have a sense it took longer thaqn it actually did. Fact of the matter is an induction is rarely longer than 30 minutes.
• Next, you will be brought gently back to full consciousness, and will be given a CD recording of the induction. You will be asked to play that induction at close intervals for the next week or so, and then at times you feel are appropriate thereafter.

We do not do Psychiatric or Psychological counseling. We do not do family or relationship counseling. If it turns out that is what you really need, we will refer you to an appropriate professional in that field.

We do not do Medical Hypnosis, Chronic Pain Strategies, Surgical Blood Loss Prevention, or Birthing Sensation Control. We know the best people in these fields and will be happy to refer you to them. These strategies are proven, reliable and safe. We recommend them wholeheartedly.

OH - And we will not fix your car.
Well - - - had to lighten the moment somehow. :-)
Obligatory Lists

It seems no Hypnotherapy website is complete without a list of suggested behavior changes, I'll take a run at providing two versions here:

List #1:
If you're doing it and wish you did not, Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to accomplish your goal.
If you're doing it and want to be better at it, Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to accomplish your goal.
That's it in a nutshell.

List #2:
Weight Management
Smoking Cessation
Creative Blocks
Anxiety/ Panic Attacks
Irrational Anger
Divorce Trauma
Stress Reduction
Rapid Learning/Exam Strategies
TV/Video Game Addiction
mproving behavior.